Primarily, we learn.

We learn a lot about biomimicry.
And we spread, teach produce and apply biomimicry in design. We work to produce biomimetic, sustainable and innovative design.
We connect with people that can teach us biomimicry and sustainable design, we connect with people that want to learn about biomimicry and sustainable, innovative design, and we search people that can help us achieve biomimetic and sustainable designs. We also like to hear from people or institutions that want to obtain biomimetic, innovative and sustainable designs.

Namely, we do


1. Seek collaborations with academia, industry and business to create real-world design & research projects
2. Set up exchange programs with other Biomimicry Affiliate Universities
3. Organize, host or support Biomimicry exhibitions, forums, competitions and conferences.
4. Write and publish articles about Biomimicry and biomimetic design and research
5. Operate biomimetic design web page, newsletter, blog, etc.
6. Participate in the official ‘Biomimicry Design Challenge’ and other relevant events and activities



1. Create lectures and other teaching content about biomimicry and biomimetic design
2. Host and support biomimetic design workshops, lecture series, etc. for students and/or faculty.
3. Educate students and teachers in Biomimicry with a view to inspire future decision makers.
4. Attend annual Biomimicry Education Summits and Biomimicry Workshops



1. Assemble Biomimicry information in accessible databases, libraries and displays
2. Translate existing Biomimicry documents, tools, methods and readings into Chinese.
3. Define and develop relevant research project topics to benefit design and humans
4. Apply and lead research projects in biomimicry or biomimetic design



1. Offer guest lectures and workshops to other institutions in and outside Tongji/Shanghai
2. Organize Biomimetic Design workshops for professionals and firms
3. Offer biomimicry design research service for government, industry and businesses
4. Establish or co-operate in a biomimetic design consulting service for industry


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss potential collaboration