Our Name

BiDL stands for Biomimetic Design Lab and is pronounced like a ‘beetle’.


Our Logo

The shape of the BiDL logo is inspired from the shape of water, water being one of the most essential substances for life on planet Earth. The logo has a completely naturally curved outline, proportion and distribution which is apparently random. Nature constantly creates a multitude of these shapes, but they are rather difficult for us humans to conceive.


Step 1: Finding the concept of water


Meanwhile, in the nature world, everything is derived from cells. The form of the logo represents the dynamic state of cells. The small water shape on the right which grows out of the left, larger part expresses the process of cell reproduction. It stands for birth, growth, and death; the cycle of continuous life.

Step 2: Changing the shape


Each BiDL member is just like these cells, which form jointly a larger organism, to investigate and construct a more ecological sustainable environment. Members come and go, but BiDL persists until it is itself replaced by its next generation.

A natural coloring is given to the water-shaped logo in order to represent diversity. Many different colors combine themselves to a unified whole, representing the systemic relationships in the natural world and the necessity of each single being to create all of nature.

Step 3: Putting the nature color