B>Hives are regular, uncomplicated & open events organized by BiDL, fostering the understanding of Biomimicry and Biomimetic Design.

B>Hives are versatile and cross-disciplinary learning activities, such as, field trips, exhibition visits, student exchanges, brainstorming session, etc. Each encounter builds our understanding of nature, systemic relationships & sustainability.


B>Hives are a platform for Thinkers, Designers, Biologists, Material Scientists, Engineers, Philosophers, Architects, Business People, Anthropologists, Innovators, and other aspiring Biomimics to jointly improve human society. These exchanges welcome professionals of all ages, seniors, juniors & students. Often we invite experts from other fields to enlighten us on a specific topic.


Each bi-weekly encounter is organized by another member.

Typically, we gather at 7pm on the 1st & 3rd Monday of every month in TongJi University. (Follow BiDL public WeChat account for updates on time and venue!) Encounters are informal, last usually less than 2 hours, and leave room for personal encounters, Q&A and networking.


If you want more information about each event. See here :