Our goal is to re-create the connections between life and design. We want to foster the application of Biomimicry in design, in order to generate more sustainable artifacts and services for human society. We want to be part of the solution to create sustainable lifestyles for people. We hope to safeguard our health and habitats and humans’ survival on planet Earth.

We aim to be a Biomimicry exchange platform within our College of Design & Innovation (D&I), but also for other colleges and schools in and outside TongJi University. We aspire to connect academia, business and institutions for collaboration in biomimetic design projects, research and learning.

College of Design & Innovation/ TongJi University Objectives

The D&I BiDL shall be the first entity in the University to foster this innovative approach.
The BiDL shall:

1. introduce Biomimicry into D&I. Foster biomimetic design teaching, research and publications. Create teaching content, programs and research proposals featuring biomimetic approaches
2. be the Biomimicry representative in TongJi University (TJ). Receive foreign Biomimicry delegates, share and spread Biomimicry ideas to other TJ schools and organizations
3. represent TJ outside the university, at Biomimicry conferences, official visits, forums, exchanges, as visiting scholars, etc.)
4. foster Biomimicry activities; organize and host Biomimicry events, foster and collaborate in interdisciplinary biomimetic design projects, workshops and programs in and around TJ

National Objectives

The D&I BiDL shall strive to become the first ‘Biomimicry Affiliate Institution’ in Shanghai and China.
The BiDL shall:

1. be instrumental in establishing a Regional Biomimicry Network in (Eastern) China (BCN, Biomimicry China Network) for academics, business, engineering, design, industries, sciences, etc., for institutions and individuals
2. become a key member of the network, communicate and collaborate with other members and be the leader for academic subjects
3. be a ‘stepping stone’ for Biomimicry in China
4. represent D&I and TJ as innovation leaders and pioneers of academia nationwide

International Objectives

The D&I BiDL shall represent Chinese academia in Biomimicry, and shall become a global networking tool. The D&I BiDL shall:

1. regularly communicate with Biomimicry 3.8 and other leading biomimicry experts
2. regularly communicate with, exchange with and learn from other regional networks
3. represent D&I and TJ as innovation leaders and pioneers of Biomimicry in Chinese academia
4. Invite international Biomimicry experts and organize international Biomimicry events