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自然昵地 (zìrán nìdì) approximately: intimate nature place

! Welcome to NATURE NIDI ! --- The platform that reconnects citizens with nature

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For us, Nature Nidi stands for "precious places of real nature in the city". The term denotes urban locations where nature is surviving and thriving in its non-manicured, untamed, undomesticated, but benefiting, productive and thriving character. We hope it may develop and propagate again from these locations for the benefit and health of people and the planet.

see Nature & Nidi official definitions


Here is a paper to be published in the proceedings of the Emerging Practices Conference at Tongji, which describes this entire Nature Nidi project idea in more detail over 13 pages.


NIDI is a platform that maps, documents, organizes, and evaluates sites of urban ecology, as well as footprint of biodiversity, in relation to the urban and human environment of Shanghai Metropolitan Area.

Nature Nidi manages a growing, user-generated database of urban ecology sites (NIDI), in order to discover, support, and foster the systemic relationships of a natural habitat, and healthy lifestyles, for plants, animals and people in the city. Nature Nidi wants to design, develop and establish the platform, and to build the verifying criteria (the biological, urban and social qualities) for the assessment of the ecological sites. The database (discovering, mapping, analysis of individual sites/spots) will be filled by citizens through digital interactions and user-generated contents, whereas a pool of scientific and government experts shall assure relevance and compliance of submission to NIDI purpose. NIDI platform is a platform at the disposal and for the use of citizens to discover the natural and biological traces and diversity within the city environment, and aim to engage the citizens in a proactive attitude that will impact on the value and progressive enhancement of those traces and diversity.

  • Offer a database of nature places in Shanghai for reconnecting with and learning about nature and life's processes in the city
  • Map places with undisturbed/non-maintained nature in Shanghai and beyond as a tool for preservation and regeneration.
  • Evaluate urban nature places from a design/society point of view, considering sustainability, ecology, health, etc.
  • Be a tool to foster urban, organic agriculture and community gardens as well as "edible landscapes"
  • Link to biology maps and experts for facts and accurate knowledge.
  • Link to digital maps for accurate localization.
  • Attempt to create a crowd-sourcing platform "Citizen Science" project, where anybody can submit nature places.

"...we still need some basic information to establish a basic database first. For instance, the current natural reserves, country parks (郊野公园), wetlands with their GIS information and biological information."

[Prof. GAN Jing, CAUP, Tongji University]

are you interested in joining? please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts!

Chinese: Ms. Wei YunDi

English: Mr. Pius Leuba

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