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B-Hive logo comprehensive.png

The B>HivesB-hive logo.pngare the in-house, self-curated, unique community events of BiDL.

Please learn more about the nature of B>Hives in this short introduction

or go directly to the actual individual events

Potential activities include:

  • designer gets biology partner -events
  • present knowledge of biomimicry process
  • visit fablab
  • visit company dealing with biomimicry
  • activity on/with wiki
  • visit student association
  • have biology student/teacher introduce a topic
  • visit a nature place
  • discuss a biomimetic product/design
  • have a climate/geography/ecology presentation
  • Celebrate SDChallenge entries
  • Inauguration of BCN
  • ...
  • ...

See ya at the next B>Hive! BiDL WeChat Public.jpg