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This section is about the various challenges and competitions related to Biomimicry in China and worldwide. We both organize biomimicry challenges and arrange (Tongji) teams to participate in external challenges.

  1. Primarily, we participate in the official 'Global Biomimicry Design Challenges' organized by the Biomimicry Institute (USA). The various challenges are well established, long-term, high-level events with huge prizes!
  2. BiDL & BCN also intend to organize own biomimicry (student) competitions soon, but have not done so yet.

-------------------JOIN A CHALLENGE NOW!-------------------

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As Biomimicry is cross-disciplinary by definition, we are always looking for a wide variety of professionals/students from different fields to arrange China or Tongji teams. We are happy for anybody to join, and are especially looking for participants from the fields of...

Design/Architecture/Planning xxx Biology/Ecology (Botany, Zoology, Entomology, Evolutionary Biology, Micro-Biology, ...) xxx Medicine/Anthropology xxx Social Sciences xxx Engineering xxx Manufacturing/Industry xxx Material Sciences xxx ........ xxx and your field! Tell us right away if you want to join!

Future Challenges

  • Global Biomimicry Design Challenge

We are currently taking registrations to create China/Tongji teams for the new 'Global Biomimicry Design Challenge' starting in January 5, 2015! (Submissions due August with Award Ceremony in October 2015)

The topic will be 'FOOD SECURITY!' That's crucial for any place on Earth, and yourself, too!

Tell us right away if you want to join! And submit your email on the official website to be informed about release details.

  • Boston Living with Water


Current Challenges


Past Challenges

Two teams have participated in the 3rd international 'Biomimicry Student Design Challenge' (SDC) in 2013-14. Check out their amazing work!

Are you interested in participating in one of the design challenges this year? Or do you have an idea to create a challenge? Tell us!