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The BCN Biomimicry China Network is a collective of individuals and institutions interested or working in and or learning Biomimimcry. The BCN is a member of the BGN Biomimicry Global Network, hosted by the Biomimicry Institute (USA). The host of BCN is currently the Biomimetic Design Lab BiDL of Tongji University.


  • The BCN is joining partners from industry and academia (professionals and students) that want to participate in the Global Biomimicry Challenges
  • The BCN is organizing and supporting Events that foster Biomimicry.
  • The BCN offers consultancy in Biomimicry
  • The BCN currently uses a LinkedIn platform to communicate and exchange news, learning and experiences among its members
  • The BCN currently uses a Ning platform to communicate with other members of the Biomimicry Global Network BGN.


  • 2014.06 第一届BCN的会议在设计创意学院二楼会议室举行 --– BCN (Biomimicry China Network) first establishment meeting in Shanghai and Hong Kong (virtually connected)
  • 2014.10.14 BCN (Biomimicry China Network) second establishment meeting, D&I
  • 2014.10 Application to Biomimicry Institute (USA) and approval for official acknowledgement of BCN and integration into the BGN Biomimicry Global Network
  • 2014.11.20-23 Second BGN Biomimicry Global Network Leaders’ Meeting in San Francisco. BiDL director Pius Leuba was invited and attended to represent BCN. See his meeting brief here: Brief BGN Leader's Mtg San Francisco 2014


  • Biomimetic Design Lab BiDL, Tongji University (host) (Pius Leuba)
  • BAU (Alexander Abke)
  • Hong Kong University (Caroline Dingle)
  • ARUP (Francesca Galeazzi)
  • TJ SLST (Guo GuangPu)
  • Somfy China (Joe LIU)
  • xCreo (Katja Martini)
  • Gensler (Lance Smith)
  • IDEA Design Lab (Marie Dariel)
  • O2Effect (Peggy Chu)
  • GIGA (Raefer K. Wallis)
  • 10Design (Sean Quinn)
  • Interface (Patrick Riley)
  • Good to China (Susan Evans)
  • Spencer Robinson Ltd (Tejas Sidnal)

The BCN is warmly welcoming new members, especially Chinese ones. We strive to become the leading organization that connects all the "learning from Nature's experience and wisdom in order to create more sustainable products, processes and systems" in China. Nevertheless, applicants are invited to provide proof for interest/knowledge/work in biomimicry. Please contact BiDL