Nature Learning in TianMuShan

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This activity is a Field Trip of 2-3 days. It represents the crowning conclusion of the presence and teaching of Biomimicry Expert Ms. Sherry Ritter at BiDL and D&I.

The 'Nature Learning in TianMuShan' field trip will occur over 2-3 days and bring us to TianMuShan(ZheJiang Province), into the official UNESCO Nature Preservation Area (MAB, Man and the Biosphere).

"The ideal event to obtain an insight on how to learn from nature! Also to re-connect with nature and have a breath of clean air!"

Note: Costs shall be fully covered by each participant him-/herself. You will not be able to obtain official fapiaos. BiDL will only loosely organize the event. Please see here for a Preliminary Budget. Subject to change!

Sherry, the biomimicry professional who will be leading our explorations, says:

"As for the “workshop" at TianMuShan, [we will have] print out copies of some handouts. I had in mind some exercises that teach people how to observe nature, how to think about biology from a functional standpoint, how to recognize Life’s Principles in the field, that sort of thing. So, it would enhance our exploration of nature at TianMuShan."

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You must register to attend this event. Registration is necessary for us to prepare well. Please register here:Registration Deadline is September 30, 2014.

Please note: We will be limiting the number of people to about 25-30, as it is difficult to handle more people for a single teacher. You will be informed if your registration comes after the limit is reached.

Name: 'Nature Learning in TianMuShan'

Theme: 'Re-Connecting with Nature'

Date: 2014.10.24-26, Two-and-half Days

Start: October 24th, Friday, afternoon or evening: trip to TianMushan