Innovation Inspired by Nature

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Innovation Inspired by Nature

This activity is one Conference Session of the 'Emerging Practices' Conference. (if our link doesn't work, see it on CUMULUS!). Both represent a sizable part of Tongji Design Week (October 10-17) at the College of Design and Innovation.

The 'Innovation inspired by Nature' Session will focus on how we can learn from Nature to produce innovative artifacts, processes and systems. There will be some activities that will guide the discussion after a 5 mins presentation with a poster (we will provide) based on the proposal each participant sent. The conference overall will deal with emerging practices, methods and tools in design from an academic and professional point of view.

"The ideal event to meet the people that are shaping innovation for the coming years of sustainable development! At the same time, the Emerging Practice Conference offers various other inspiring sessions in almost all fields of design"

About 10 paper proposals dealing with Biomimicry were submitted! 8 papers were accepted! This is going to be a lively exchange, discussion and learning! Officially, the Call For Papers is now closed. Please refer to 'Emerging Practices' and email your ideas to the listed addresses or to BiDL

Name: 'Biomimicry: Sustainable Innovation inspired by Nature'

Date: 2014.10.13 (conference), this half-day session allocated in the afternoon

Opening: October 13th, a.m. (conference)

Organizer: D&I (conference)

Coordinator: Ma Jin & Davide Fassi

Host: College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University,

Location: College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, SiPing Campus, FuXin Road 281

Cost Conference: RMB 800.- (RMB 400.- student price)

Here are the accepted papers for this session:

Presenter Name Location Paper Title
Ale Bianciardi Biomimicry Professional, Italy Design a Species: On Cross-disciplinary Education Programs and Practice Modes, to Foster Integration of Biomimicry’s ‘Life’s Principles’ with Design for a Sustainable Human Existence.
Pius Leuba BiDL, Tongji Sustainable Environments: Framework and Design Methodology to Deploy Biomimetics to Space Conception
Sachin Gupta (Zhong LiWen) Rice University, USA (D&I, Tongji) A Biologically-Inspired Approach to Passive Indoor Dehumidification Systems
Sean Quinn 10Design, HK Reclaiming Hong Kong – An Ecological Vision for the City
Seema Anand Biomimicry Specialist, India Biomimicry & ‘Genius of Place’
Sherry Ritter Biomimicry Professional, USA What Would Nature Do? What Wouldn't Nature Do?
Tom McKeag Senior Fulbright Scholar, USA Surfing for Free: can nature-inspired innovation in our buildings reduce the impact of climate change in the developing world?
Wei YunDi D&I, Tongji Nature Nidi – Discovering, Mapping and Offering Nature Places in Shanghai

Everybody is warmly invited to witness the above short presentations and to help brainstorm about these projects! See you there!

Note: You must register to attend this event. Registration is necessary for us to prepare well. Please register for the overall conference here: 'Emerging Practices' And please register for the 'Innovation Inspired by Nature' session here:Biomimicry Session Registration Deadline for the session is September 30, 2014.