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This section gives you access to the events that occur around Biomimicry in China and BiDL.

BiDL's own and unique community events are the B~Hives. Look for this icon: B-hive logo.png.

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

Events 2016:


Events 2015:

  • November 15, 2015: BIOFarm, Field Trip to the farm! Check out where we are going BIOFarm Website on their home page!
  • October 30, 2015: Field trip to Glumac, D&I Students take a trip to one of the greenest buildings in Shanghai
  • June 17, 2015: Lift China 2015 Conference: BiDL's Pius Leuba is holding a masterclass before noon entitled

Biomimicry – The Next Generation of Sustainability

“Lift China is a key event about innovation and digital technologies”. It is for innovators, makers, designers, scientists, engineers, and many more. Sign up now! Check out the Lift Conference web site

  • May 22, 2015 Open Night Shanghai FabLab. BiDL's Pius Leuba presented the BiDL wiki as a valuable tool for cross-disciplinary, remote and joint content creation

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  • April 23, 2015: GreenDrinks Shanghai will be about Biomimicry! BiDL's Pius Leuba will be a speaker, together with Patrick Riley (Interface, Vice-President Greater China) and Francesca Galeazzi (ARUP). Register now on the GreenInitiatives page!

Events 2014:

  • October 13: Session Innovation Inspired by Nature, Conference 'Emerging Practices + Design Journal', Theme: Developing, BiDL and D&I, Tongji Design Week
  • October 11-27: Visit of Ms. Sherry Ritter, Senior BaDT (Biologist at the Design Table) and Biomimicry Expert, B3.8, USA. See her visiting schedule
  • September 1-12: BiDL Project Weeks, about boosting nature in the city! These Project Weeks are simultaneously the 'Design Practice 2' course of the BA 4th-grader Environmental Designers

Please also refer to this page for past events.