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! Official Opening now on October 12, 2014 at 5pm !

This activity is a free Exhibition. It will be part of a larger exhibition at the College of Design and Innovation as a contribution to Tongji Design Week (October 10-17)

The 'Biomimicry in China' Exhibit will feature ideas on how you can use the new approach of Biomimicry to create a sustainable future of human artifacts, processes and system in China. Biomimicry is rather new in China, but incredibly inspiring and full of potential to solve our sustainability problems! You will see "a range of subject matter as well as media. Analysis of biological functioning paired with ideas/inventions/designs that attempt to mimic nature’s process" (Sean Quinn, IODesign). We will provide academic, students' as well as professionals/companies' works.

"The ideal presentation to learn about Biomimicry for your sustainable innovation at your own speed!"


Specifically, the exhibition will feature:

  • Nature’s Strategies: 3D-Printed Demonstration of Natural Structures and Surfaces. Explanations on how these structures provide vital sustainable functions.
  • Nature NIDI: BiDL’s Nature-Mapping project for Shanghai. A growing database of urban nature places where vital biological, ecological and sustainable processes are occurring
  • Local Organisms: Sensory creative experience featuring real, natural organisms(and/or illustrations)
  • Biomimicry Products on the Market: Real Products from diverse firms featuring application of Biomimicry
  • Biomimicry Advocates: Institutions, Individuals and Networks that study, research in, apply, teach, propagate and create Biomimicry around the globe.
  • Biomimicry Tools: Methods, software, diagrams, books, tutorials, etc. that help you study, apply and create sustainable artifacts, processes and systems in your profession
  • Movie: SECOND NATURE - 20-min. feature by B3.8
  • D&I Student Applications: Biomimicry Research, Biomimicry Student Design Challenge Submittals 2013, etc.

See you soon!

Name: 'Biomimicry in China'

Date: 2014.10.10-17, 1 Week

Opening: October 10th, a.m.

Organizer: BiDL

Coordinator: Wei YunDi (Pius)

Host: College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University,

Location: College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, SiPing Campus, FuXin Road 281