Biomimicry - A Career of Sustainability

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This activity is a Public Lecture of about 2 hours, open to everybody. It represents the highlight of the presence and teaching of Biomimicry Expert Ms. Sherry Ritter at BiDL and D&I.

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The 'Biomimicry - A Career of Sustainability' lecture will offer you the breath and depth of a biologist's professional experience who has been working in sustainability and biomimicry for many years:

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Sherry has worked for Biomimicry 3.8 since 2004 and is a Certified Biomimicry Professional. While working with Biomimicry 3.8, she has maintained a database of biomimicry case studies, worked as content editor of, worked with the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute’s University and K-12 Education programs, and served as a Biologist at the Design Table (BaDT) for a variety of clients including Colgate-Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Natura, HOK, Shell, and Lucchesi Galati. She taught the 2012 Biomimicry Specialist course, and Biomimicry and Design workshops in Costa Rica and Mexico. Prior to discovering biomimicry, Sherry worked for much of her career as a wildlife ecologist for state wildlife agencies, and as a research/management coordinator for the U.S. Forest Service. She also authored numerous magazine articles and a natural history book. Biomimicry brings together her passion and appreciation for nature, her excitement about science, her love for sharing her passions with others of all ages, and her goal of a more sustainable way for us to fit in on this planet.

"The ideal event to learn about Biomimicry and how it can become your sustainability approach for your profession!"

Lecture content:

"Nature is an incredible teacher when it comes to finding solutions to many of the challenges humans face. Through 3.85 billion years of evolution, organisms and ecosystems on earth today are well-adapted to the earth’s current environment. Therefore, nature can show us the way out of our currently mal-adapted practices. In this evening together, we will discover some amazing strategies that organisms and ecosystems have for challenges like managing energy and greenhouse gas emissions, capturing and cleaning water, reducing waste, and producing more life-friendly materials. We will explore these strategies by finding out how designers have already learned from nature to create more sustainable products, processes, and systems. But it won’t all be listening; we’ll also have an activity or two to get you thinking."

Name: 'Biomimicry - A Career of Sustainability'

Theme: 'Biomimicry - The Future of Sustainable Innovation'

Date: 2014.10.23, 1 Evening

Start: October 23rd, Thursday, 19:00

Venue: Auditorium, Ground Floor, Inspiration Tank (Bldg.3), College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, FuXin Road 281, (or SiPing Road 1230) YangPu District, Shanghai, 200092, China

Getting There: Line 10, Tongji University Station

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